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Scull Booking

In order to be eligible to use the Boathouse’s single scull booking system, the rower must have:

  • Completed a capsize drill test, regardless if sculling is in or out of term time
  • Completed at least 10 outings with any rower who has been granted permission to use the scull booking system (he/she is responsible for booking the single and accompanying the novice) or with their respective head coach
  • If joining the club as an experienced sculler, have completed one accompanied outing with a senior rower/coach

Rowers are responsible for the proper use and storage of the sculls and are liable for any damages caused during their session. Senior rowers/coaches are responsible for ensuring the safe and proper use and transportation of equipment by novices.

The list of rowers eligible to scull is maintained by the president. 

Sculling Rules

  1. An appropriate risk assessment must be conducted by the sculler at the boathouse, regardless of flag status, to determine if it is safe to row. Things to consider are:
    1. Wind
    2. Visibility
    3. Sculler experience and ability
    4. River congestion
  2. Singles may only be taken out in accordance with OURCS’ river restrictions. Scullers may only be on the water from sunrise to sunset. ECBC does not allow the use of sculls during house of darkness. See the following:
  3. It is strongly recommended that inexperienced scullers do not go out alone during Michaelmas and Hilary, especially during cold/adverse weather conditions despite good flag statuses

How to book

Upon completing your capsize drill test and accompanied sculling sessions, please complete the form below. You will be sent an invitation granting access to the Booking Calendar. Following which, please inform the President and you will be able to access and add events to the calendar.

Please include in the added booking event:

  • Name
  • Single being used
  • Duration (Limited to a maximum of 1-hour 30-minute slots)
  • Name of novice (if applicable)

Booking Calendar Invitation Request

Please complete the following form and inform the Boat Club President. You will be sent an invitation granting access to the Booking Calendar.