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Fleet Rules:

  1. The president or respective captain must be asked for permission prior to the use of any boat, with the exception of single sculls which must be booked using the online booking system
  2. All outings must be accompanied on the bank unless taken by an X-status cox or above. For scullers, please refer to the sculling rulesIt is strongly encouraged that all Michaelmas and Hilary term outings have a bank rider
  3. The Filippis are to be used only when express permission has been granted by the respective captain or the president. This will be determined from the ability and experience of the cox and crew
  4. The Coxless 4 may only be taken out by senior crews with approval from the president. A bank rider is required unless steered by an experienced rower (>10 supervised outings in the steering seat with a bank rider)
  5. White lights must be attached to the stern and bow on any outings boating within an hour of sunrise and outings that extend within an hour of sunset. See: http://www.ourcs.org.uk/safety/suntimes
  6. Boats may only be taken out in accordance with OURCS’ river restrictions and sun times. Crews may only be on the water an hour before sunrise and an hour after sunset. See above and:
    1. http://www.ourcs.org.uk/ourcs/rules/riverrestrictions
    2. http://www.ourcs.org.uk/information/closures
  7. Boats may only be taken out during suitable river conditions with the relevant Cox. See “flag status explained” and refer to http://www.ourcs.org.uk/safety/rcond for the flag status
  8. An appropriate risk assessment must be conducted by the cox and rowers at the boathouse, regardless of flag status, to determine if it is safe to row. Things to consider include:
    1. Wind
    2. Visibility: fog and available daylight
    3. Temperature
    4. Crew experience and ability
    5. Cox experience and ability
    6. River congestion
    7. River speed


  1. All rowers must have completed an OURCS swim Test before their 5th session on the water.
  2. All rowers should be familiar with the emergency procedures on the water


  1. See sculling


  1. All Coxes should familiarise themselves with the pre-outing checklist and emergency procedures on the water
  2. For the safety of the cox and crew, the following items of equipment must be checked prior to pushing off (if you are unfamiliar with the checks or the equipment, please refer to the Equipment Checklist for a detailed explanation of the equipment and the checks):
    1. Bow ball
    2. Heel restraints
    3. Hull
    4. Buoyancy compartments
    5. Fin
    6. Rudder
    7. Riggers
    8. Shoulders
    9. Seats
    10. Footplates
    11. Section
    12. Speaker system
    13. Blades
  3. Coxes must ensure that either they or a member of the crew have a Boathouse key prior to pushing off and that the boathouse has been locked if empty.