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Oriel Regatta 2016

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This year the Exeter women put out a mixed boat with Oriel men in the Gilpin’s Gin Oriel Regatta 2016, for the crewdate competition (4 men from one college combined with 4 women from another college).

The combined squad had a successful day progressing all the way to the semi finals, but were denied the final by the Mansfield women (W2) and OUL, in round 2 seeing off St Peters men and Hertford women (W2), and in the quarter finals, seeing off Wadham women and Brasenose men.

The crew were also due to race in the B final, however, Oriel men were almost too successful – also making the B final with the Pembroke women, and thus the race was cancelled due to the Oriel men not being able to fill both boats at the same time!

The full set of result are available here.

Some photos of the event follow below:

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