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Rowing On Torpids 2016

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After the delays caused by a high river and stream from heavy rainfall, it was unclear if the Torpids qualifying “rowing on” regatta would take place for lower division crews, with the original date of Friday 19th cancelled. However, fortunately there was a good few clear days and the flag dropped to blue, allowing crews with an x-status cox to compete.

Exeter only had one men’s crew for qualifying this year, due to unfortunate circumstances resulting in no women’s second eight being entered (Exeter will also be racing a men’s and women’s first crew in Torpids). Nevertheless Exeter managed to make its presence known with a strong and comfortable row placing the M2 crew 5th in rowing on qualifying. Some results shown below:

Pos Time Crew Start Finish Div
1 3:02.5 LMH M2 32:09.0 35:11.5 1
2 3:07.5 Merton M2 31:17.0 34:24.5 1
3 3:07.5 Balliol M3 41:25.0 44:32.5 1
4 3:08.0 Christ Church M3 50:06.0 53:14.0 3
5 3:10.5 Exeter M2 39:12.5 42:23.0 1
6 3:10.5 SEH M4 56:58.0 00:08.5 3
7 3:12.5 Keble M3 52:00.5 55:13.0 3
8 3:15.0 Wolfson M4 44:09.0 47:24.0 1
9 3:16.0 St Anthony’s M2 35:01.5 38:17.5 1
10 3:16.5 Balliol M5 36:06.5 39:23.0 1

The remainder of provisional results are available here on the ATM website.

UPDATE: Official Results available on the OURCs website here.

This result bodes well for the prospects of the whole of ECBC, with everyone training hard ready for the first bumps of the year.

Torpids will be running from Wednesday 24th through to the final day of racing on Saturday 27th February. Alumni, family and friends are all invited to enjoy the races from the comfort of the Exeter College Boat House as well as from the other great viewing points such as Donnington Bridge (google maps link). We would delighted to have your support!

More information on this years Torpids is available on our Torpids Page, as well as here on the Oxford University Rowing Club (OURCs) website.

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