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Exeter College Register 2015 Rowing Report

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It would be fair to say that Exeter College Boat Club has faced its fair share of challenges in recent years. When I was a student at the College, the Men’s First VIII were second on the river, but 10 years later I found I had to look slightly further down the bumps charts to locate my old Club.

It is going to take a long time to get so tantalisingly close to Headship again, but I am pleased to say that I think the ingredients are in place for an ECBC renaissance. The Boat Club now has a vision, and a growing community of extremely enthusiastic, committed rowers who really want to make this a turn-around story and secure the Club’s success for the longer term. Their ability and drive have been a source of great inspiration over the last year.

There have been many changes since I took over the Senior Membership just over a year ago. We have invested in new equipment, repaired the Boat House, hired new coaches, reached out to a community of former Exeter Boaties, launched fundraising initiatives and created an Executive Committee of talented people who really care about the Club. Student Exec. members have a unique opportunity to run what is effectively a small business, drawing up a budget, deciding how to allocate resources and leading a team. These are skills which will be of utmost importance to students when they leave Exeter College, and that will give them the edge over the competition.

To ensure the longer-term prospects of the Club, we believe it is imperative to reach out to alumni and make them part of the vision going forward. At Summer Eights this year, the Boat House was pleasingly full of former rowers who had come down to the river to cheer on the four Exeter crews that we boated. Sadly, ‘blades’ remained elusive once again, and in fact we nudged down a couple more places across the board. However, all those who participated feel strongly that these still rather inexperienced crews will come back fighting in Michaelmas and get the results they deserve in the coming year. We would love going forward for more alumni to be actively involved in the Boat Club. Rebuilding the Club, we have got to that point where we are focused again on results, and hope to procure financial sponsorship so that we might be able to upgrade our equipment. These are exciting times for ECBC, and I look forward to the forthcoming year with anticipation. Row Exeter!

— Stephen Leonard, Senior Member, Exeter College Register 2015

If you would like to read more from this Exeter College publication, please find it available here on the Exeter College Website.

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